Do you think I was being flirtatious or friendly?

I have a guy friend that I work with. Today was his last day of working with us and I said goodbye to him and gave him a warm hug and it was pretty long. I said while hugging him that I enjoyed working with him. We talked a little like small chat about other things besides work.

He seemed like he wanted to keep chatting so we talked for a while longer. For a few days, he was talking about how he wanted to stay in touch. Today, I said we should stay in touch and that I have his number. 

Then he gave me a casual hug and said take care and smiled and waved. I just wanted to show friendliness but do you think I was being flirtatious by saying I enjoyed working with you and we should stay in touch?

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  • 1 month ago
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    No. You were being friendly and nice and he obviously appreciated it. You have given him the go-ahead to get in touch with you in the future if he wants to. The hugs were just friends saying goodbye. If he's interested in you in a possibly romantic way, then he'll get in touch in due course.

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  • 1 month ago

    while u were hugging so close .did u ask him u have a roll of quarters in your pocket ,or are u just happy to hug me?

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