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Does this smell?

My new boyfriend and I were getting on great, although he had an ex fiancée he was getting over.  Then, all seemed to be going well until his uncle, who he looks up to as a father, got injured at work and work cover hasn’t given him a big enough payoff to afford to pay the mortgage on the uncle, wife and children’s home.  So now my boyfriend said he has to pay the mortgage for his uncle, while he’s not working.  They’re African people with Australian citizenship.  I’m just wondering if I have any reason to be suspicious?  

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    If you can confirm that yes, in fact, the uncle does need to have help now, than it smells like you've got a good guy. UNTIL u get that confirmed, u are always going to be wondering if when he stays out too late, he's at his ex's home or he's paying her bills or anything u dont have concrete proof of, he's doing with his ex. I personally am too over that shhh and my rule is if I have to wonder, Im not secure in this relationship, and Im out. Im not checking phones, Facebook, etc. Just out. Unfortunately, u havent reached hat level of actualization yet and will stay stuck in misery until you do or he leaves u.

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    Suspicious of what? Sounds like this uncle thing may be an African cultural obligation with this family that you are totally unaware of. His ex fiancée doesn't appear to come into it.

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    You did indicate that he is a new boyfriend. You need to get to know him and make sure it is what it is. You may want to research the family customs and possibly discuss this with your new boyfriend. Since he is a new boyfriend the situation may not be any of your business to judge. However, it does appear to be strange.

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    Suspicious of what? Are you in "rescue" mode? Doesn't sound like your bf offered to buy you a house or anything.

    Your new boyfriend's relationship with his family and your new boyfriend's money... not your business. He's not even over his last girl... not the time for his new one to try planning out his life.

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