Should I cancel our music project ?

Hey  I’ll start from the beginning I guess 

So I wanted to do this musical project since 2014 and no one wanted to join me. Then in 2016 I just decided to record solo music  while trying to get my band form 

In 2017 I gave up on trying to form a band  because stress 

In 2018 the band finally formed 

It was a originally a electronic trio music project with me and my two younger brothers  but it turned into a duo with me and my youngest brother because the middle youngest dropped out

But before he quit  we recorded some demos and put them on noisetrade for free download 

In 2019 we stay silent until October we released our 1st single along with a music video in December we dropped another single

Then on New Years  we dropped an EP 

We have a lot of songs coming but I’m not sure weather or not we should cancel our music project and here’s why

1. Our music is hard to find on the internet 

2. There are a lot of users on YouTube with the same name as us 

3 almost no one gives a **** 

I mean when I posted about our 1st song being out 

There wasn’t a single like on the post  or

When I was posting to promote the EP again no likes 

Like no one was getting excited (we have 45 followers on Instagram) 

What do you guys think? Should we cancel our project? Or should we just continue the project even though I feel like we are flopping?

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    thats up to you if you want to do that

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