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How long does it take until first signs of coronavirus symptoms begin to show? Once serious, how long till emergency? (relating to Wuhan)?

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    It depends on the level of immunity of the person. On average 10-15 days. And that virus is brought in Wuhan, because it can't develop and appear there. From someone who had been in visit in hot equator areas as Syria example. Anyone with little knowledge in viruses will know that (and tell you). Or on purpose - intended.

    It depends on the areas but average 1 person with it, it might be only carrier but never to become sick (in cases), will affect - transfer virus to more persons. It can any touch or item transfer. In next 10 days, may appear all over the world where people often travel - simply touching money, cards, airport chairs, ships, any item, ... anywhere anything.

    Average ~15 days, on person with average immunity.

    Lower immunity earlier.

    Highest immunity, maybe only carrier, same as HIV.

    There is no antidode or standard cures.

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    • .. only symptoms are as pneumonia. And I don't know where to write to Chinese, ... what helps. It is able to survive in skin at types of skin... leather jackets, shoes, wallet. It needs 1-2 years to completely die in immune tissue.

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    From what I've read, there's a fairly long period between infection and symptoms. That's how people are able to come into the country and feel fine, only to become sick later. Colds are a type of corona virus. You can be infected by a coworker or family member, but not become sick for a couple of weeks.

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    Vaccines maybe responsible for the Corona virus.

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