Does the sexualisation of rape in TV shows and movies piss you off? ?

For example in Game of thrones it is shown in a cheap and sexual way, sometimes just thrown in there for no reason and not for the horrific and violent act it actually is. It is the same case for many other TV shows and movies.

 Some of these male producers and directors seem to have a rape fetish and rape is also used as a plot device because they cannot seem to write female characters properly. It's also interesting how male rape is rarely shown in Hollywood or in TV shows. 

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    I think the rape fetish thing is actually more among women than men.  One of the rapiest shows on tv is Outlander, which is based on a series of novels by author Diana Gabaldon.  While rape in the show isn't eroticized, it is plentiful.  The main character is raped, almost raped, or threatened with rape several times.  Her husband is raped.  Her adult daughter is raped.  A boy who they take under their care is raped.  There's just tons and tons of rape. 

     With the male producers I think it's more often a plot point.  Game of Thrones had a lot of it in order to drive home the violent nature of the pseudo-Medieval world which its set in.  But the show hypes up the rape a bit from the books.  In the books rape is mostly something which happens in the background and, IIRC, except for a reference by Cersei to Robert sometimes having sex with her when she didn't want it, the main characters aren't victims.  The show changes this up.  In the first episode they have Khal Drogo rape Danaerys on their wedding night.  In the book this is a very different scene with Dany worried that he will rape her, but Drogo indicating that he cares about her consent and the two eventually having consensual sex.  In another controversial instance they had a plotline where Sansa is married off to Ramsay Bolton and he rapes her on their wedding night.  In the books this scene happens with Sansa's friend Jeyne Westerling, a minor character who is being passed off as Arya Stark.  It also serves a purpose in the books, underlining how cruel Ramsay, then a relatively recently introduced character is.  In the show, Ramsay had been around for a while and his cruelty was well established so it served little purpose. 

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