Could you cut off a leg that’s asleep?

I was thinking when your leg falls asleep and I mean REALLY falls asleep, you can’t feel it, so I was wondering would you be able to amputate or stab that same leg without feeling it? Or does the numbness only apply to like your skin and once you break skin you’ll feel it? I was sitting at my desk with my feet up and my leg was totally numb so I kept hitting it out of curiosity and amusement that I couldn’t feel it, couple hours later I noticed a huge bruise on my foot because I repeatedly punched it but couldn’t feel a thing. 

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  • 8 months ago
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    Here's the thing

    When a foot/leg/hand etc is "asleep", it really means that there is a lack of blood flow to that region, which will cause numbness, and if left in that position, all muscles and nerves become dead and ineffective.

    Blood flows north to south, so, when your leg was in that position, blood couldn't get to that region, causing numbness, the bruise is from you hitting it.

    Can a leg be amputated? Yes. Does it happen like that? Rarely.

  • Nancy
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    8 months ago

    No. It's not that asleep. You'd feel it. You'd definitely feel it.

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