we have the luxury of taking no stress, no pressure, relax - just let it all go, sit back and just let our team 'entertain' us lol ?

but still cos of expectations and the greed of wanting 'more and more' ...you end up being stressed for no reason.

for instance, winning the league undefeated.

why does that even matter so much to us ? ^_^


3 Answers

  • August
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    I wish it was that simple Aces but you are determined to spoil everything with your constant comments.

    It doesn't matter to me whether Liverpool go undefeated because there are more important issues out there.  Is it true that Klopp is a Pogba fan ? 

  • Steven
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    I agree it doesn't matter to "us" but it also looks good to go unbeated, also the "perfect" triple would look good ESP if unbeated. As you say there's no pressure - there is! It's not over until it's proven mathematical , even then why relax?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Just live stress free

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