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If I Order Eyeglass Frames online, can my eye doctor replace the lenses with prescription lenses instead? ?

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    Well, it CAN be done of course, but whether your optometrist will do it is up to them .

    I sometimes get 2 or 3 of those requests in the same week and usually it isn't a problem as long as the frame is a good one and the size is right.

    If it is a bad fitting frame to begin with I will be stuck with constant adjustments and complaints if I accept to put lenses into it. In those cases the client has to understand the problem or go elsewhere for the lenses. If he can find another place to do it, that's fine with me, I dodged a problem. Someone else gained a problem .

    Sometimes they come in with a frame that is completely unsuitable for the power of lenses they need , so again it is tricky to make them understand it can't be used.

    So if they tell you the frame isn't suitable , you can probably believe it .

    In higher power lenses the frame choice is very important and without training of course, the average  Joe has no clue.

    Plastic frames especially are very difficult to find a good fit without being able to try them on. The bridge has to fit or it will never be comfortable and they can't be adjusted.

    It's much safer to choose metal frames because they are much more adjustable to make them fit.

    You would probably be better off going to an optician with them instead of your eye dr. , just bring your prescription.


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      I bought Prada Frames and it’s metal, my prescription is about -1.00 so are my odds looking good? And how much would it cost around?

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