We're Gonna Win the League - We're Gonna Win the League - Now You're Gonna believe us lol ?

all of you better watch tonights game against Wolves.

We'll thrash them silly 4 or 5-0 : ))

how do you like that ? ^_^

our problem is, or rather, YOUR problem is , that we are never content or happy with any performance.

it never goes entirely to script no matter how well we play or how many goals we score.

We are constantly looking for that 'perfect performance' and scoreline lol

each game we're more hungry and more angry and assertive and the confidence comes part n parcel with this approach and mentality of LFC.

so therefore, nerves are non existent.

fear is not in our dictionary or vocabulary, go else where for that. Perhaps any other club in the epl but ours.

we just want to beat you, you, you and YOU ^_^

Going to thrash Wolves tonight and you BETTER believe it.

Also you are looking at the CHAMPIONS of England ^_^

finally, massive congratulations to Burnley.

World Class performance at Old Trafford, the theatre of pain lol

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's not over yet , don't get to carried away if the players start thinking like you things could start going wrong. Couple injuries to the back 5 could cause trouble not saying it will due to Adrian shows he's up for the job in goal but is there enough delth to cover up for at wing backs? Could oridi be up for regular games if anything happened to mana?

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  • i'ma watching  don't worry,  but don't you be panicking man, if we don't win this tonight lol,  it's arguarbly one of our most difficult fixtures remaining  and our game in hand...p...i'll be very surprised to tell you the truth if we blow them away but i'm not discounting it...you know as well as i do footy is nothing if not unpredictable...If we don't manage it tonight,  rest assured man, we will be crowned champions in may..:-)...it's our destiny..

    LFCYNWA        Champions of the world..which includes Europe obviously lolz...

    • we'll smash them 5-0

      trust me they'll be nervous - WE WONT.

      they're more prone to mistakes.

      we're not. ;-)

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes you are gonna win the league because the rest of the league teams can beat each other.

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