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Is it okay to take sides as a parent when my adult children are fighting?

My daughter is abusive to my son, both are adults. My son has done nothing wrong and because of learning disabilities growing up is sensitive to these hurtful comments my daughter makes. My daughter I spoiled too much growing up and she now has a tendency to bully as an adult like a child would. She is the one at fault. I feel like I failed at discipline with her. She was the youngest of 6 kids so I caved to her demands. The son is just fine and he was one of the older children so turned out fine despite living with learning disabilities and mental illness. My daughter has not turned out well right now. She is 25 and my son 33.

So do I take sides? Do I make it known my son is fine and my daughter is the one with the issue?

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    Sure. There is no rule or law against doing so.

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    Of course. You never really stop being a parent, and some of the lessons you teach them as a child bear repeating, like "be nice to your siblings". Youre past the point of being able to punish them in any meaningful way, but you can still talk to them about their behaviour

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    I think you should tell her that she shouldn't be mean just as you would with an adult (hopefully). Try to be loving. Ask her how she feels and why she does what she does. I'll pray for you and your family God bless

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