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does an earthquake sound like a loud rocket jet going above your home?

I noticed we had a earthquake not far from where i live and i was 2.6 or 3.8 level ..and i dont know how bad that is, but it happened probably 200 miles away where it was reported. but i heard that day what sounded like a loud rocket plane or something, i thought it was like a military jet or something

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    It can, perhaps.  There is often a low rumble, especially when you are near the source, and then it can be more of a roar.  There is a small mountain or "hill" (an isolated intrusion of the local sedimentary rock of this area that sticks up as an erosional remnant) that is located about 8 miles (about 10 km) from my house, and there was an earthquake of mid-3 level there a few summers back that I heard coming across the lowlands from that "hill" to the uplands where my house was.  A mild shaking followed or more or less coincided with the rumble.

    I would put the sound more like that of a train than a jet, personally.

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    l've never heard a noise Iike that during an earthquake. 3.8 reaIIy isn't Iarge enough to do major damage, but l guess maybe some pipes and things may have burst if the infrastructure is oIder and very poorIy buiIt for earthquakes.

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