I have a crush on my ‘Straight’ bestfriend, could she like me back?

My friend never mentioned anything about being a lesbian or bisexual, but she knows that I’m a lesbian. She cuddles me, rubs my thigh, holds my hand, stares at me sometimes when I talk, rubs my lips, slaps my butt, and the other day we were cuddling and she had her face in the crook of my neck we were facing each other, and she put her hand behind my head while i rubbed my fingers up and down her spine. (We were clothed) Its really messing with my head, giving me feelings for her. I’ve talked with her bestfriend and without me even mentioning it she told me that her and some other friends are convinced that she may be gay, she also mentioned that she has gone through similar things with her (her bestfriend is not gay). Later on she told me that my friend's family has also asked if she was maybe dating the bestfriend, but that the friend denied it.  I’ve had a talk with her about it, and let her know that it makes me feel a type of way, and to know her boundaries, but it hasn't stopped, it might’ve gotten more advanced.  

We are also both believers of god, and I believe maybe because she was raised in church (Pentecostal) unlike me, she might have some internalized homophobia. Pls give me some opinions or advice, i can envision a future with her but I can’t keep putting myself through this


Update: She kissed me and lead me on and then blamed it on heightened emotions, lol my hearts broken but thats ok, don’t trust your feelings

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  • Teresa
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    8 months ago
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    I can't see that she is homophobic in any way. She knows that you're lesbian and yet she's physically affectionate towards you, and lets you be the same with her. It may be that her parents and relatives are, so she may be a bit hesitant in expressing that she feels something more than friendship for you. But going by her actions, it's obvious she likes you back and , if anything, is encouraging your affections. I wouldn't have any anxiety about that. Just go on as you are together and see what develops. There's a good chance that you will have a future with her, just give it time. Hope it works out for you two. :).

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    All woman are straight once they rid themselves of mental illness.

  • 8 months ago

    All my friends are “touchy feelly” types of people, so “odd” physical contact doesn’t seem weird to us. But some of your interaction are a little farther than that. I doubt she is homophobic in the way it’s used, maybe actually a little fear bc of her family (I’m Pan and all mine are catholic, let’s just say they don’t know.) try not to make her uncomfortable, but do bring up the topic, make sure (in a polite way) that she understands it bothers you not having an actual answer

  • reme_1
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    8 months ago

    That doesn't sound straight behavior to me.

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