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when read or hear of "cocaine addiction" these days , does that really translate into "crack addiction"?

nobody snorts up cocaine powder anymore do they? it has been mostly "Crack" and "Meth" for the past 20 years nearly now? why has happened and what is the difference between these three? "Cocaine" , "Crack" and "Meth"? why people chose crack and now meth?

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    Well friend if you happen to be a person that uses cocaine powder and has the sense to never shoot it or if you try to smoke it it's a totally different high it's a happy confident high and you can actually function in life and powdered cocaine. It's a hell of an addiction and it'll cost you a hell of a lot of money. Butt crack cocaine well there's just nothing good to be said about it I was a crack addict for 20 years. The feeling that you get when you smoke crack is being thrown out of an airplane without a parachute and Satan holding your hand telling you you're going to die you're going to die you're going to die you're going to die! But nothing is more addicting then terror death and adrenaline rush! Crystal meth well it does basically the same thing. But it lasts a lot longer and it's even more poison to your body than crack cocaine. All I can say is avoid all three of the drugs. I can tell you one thing there is no such thing as an old crack cocaine addict! For long.

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      The feeling of powdered cocaine is totally different from crack that doesn't mean that powder cocaine is not bad for you eat your nose from the inside it digest your body organs slowly you're guaranteed to catch diabetes and have bad eyes when you get old. It's very simple you play you will pay!

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