MAN UTD 0-2 BURNLEY - When is OGS going to fûck off?

When are Woodward and the Glazers going to fûck off as well?

We’re just getting worse and worse and that performance was an absolute joke.

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  • 8 months ago


    wooahahha : ))

    omfg manure got battered by burnley in their own theatre of shame ! ^_^


    honestly, this is too much fun atm watching them in this state XD

    couldn't even score a goal at home against Burnleh

    : ))

    lmfao..... HI - LARIOUS ^_^

    rip manure

    : ))

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    The thing is though the players aren't very good, but its always the manager that gets the blame.

    They need a manager that is a long term solution, things don't happen over night. It took Klopp a few years to make Liverpool good.

  • Two more loses and he should be fired 

  • August
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    What's the problem Man U,sign up Mauricio Pochettino ffs before someone else does

    It's not rocket science is it ?

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  • Wait, I thought United supporters were all on the OGS train when he had a half-decent run of wins against teams in the bottom half of the table. Get Sam Allardyce. Or Woy Hodgson. Or heck- Roy Keane! Maybe go for Mourinho v. 2.0. Or have both Nevilles in a co-managerial role!

  • 8 months ago

    Wow...bad enough to just draw against the likes of Burnley -- at home.  But Man United...with almost 3/4 of the possession...with, what 24 shots to 5...managed to LOSE?!  🤦🤦 I mean, great for Burnley, they needed the points badly like Bournemouth and other sides trying to avoid relegation into the Championship.  But for the Red Devils, top 4 after this??  I'm not sure they deserve it TBH.  And the loss of Marcus Rashford is zero excuse.

  • Ryan
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I should have put money on that one I'd been telling my friends it would be 2-0 Burnley all yesterday united are sh*t. Even when chelsea draw or lose United can't even close the gap 

  • 8 months ago

    How many f*cking times do we have to drop points at home to Burnley ?

    It's not like we can't create chances either, same old story, dominate the game, create chances and finish like sh*te, whilst the opposition are clinical with their 1-2 chances.

    Four seasons in a row, at OT, where we've dropped points against them and last time we didn't score, they didn't either and now we f*cking lose.

    I get people saying we lack creativity, but we obviously lack a finisher too:

    James is still young and was signed from the Championship

    Martial is inconsistent

    Rashford is also inconsistent and he isn't playing anytime soon.

    Fred and Pereira just shoot from a 100 miles away and hope for the best.

    Lukaku was also inconsistent, but I think he's at least less inconsistent against the smaller teams and would have been better off had we kept him.

    Mata's probably the best we got and even then, he probably doesn't play as often as he should, really annoyed to see him on the bench against Liverpool, he's the type of player the team should be built around, I know he's slow and weak, but he seems like the only one of our players that's capable of breaking down a defense, it's not his fault all our attackers can't find the back of the net or need 100 attempts to do so.

    Typical of us this season, one loss and sayonara to our momentum, Christmas is over, yet we're giving away points and never get over a loss.

    If we want to sign a playmaker fine, but FFS sign a striker too, I don't care if we have to sign a 100 year old on loan or something, because at least it will give us some depth, instead of risking injuries to any remaining players we have that are actually decent.

    It may be fair to say that if we get knocked out of the Europa League early or against a team we should be beating, then it's time for Ole to go.

    I think Martial may have proven, at least so far, that he's not good enough to be a striker, not clinical enough, so I think we need to bring in a new one and shove him out on the left wing again, whilst Rashford can compete with him on that side or be an option on the right side too, whilst James can stay for depth, whilst we bring in a proper RW and CF, tired of the same old inconsistency and us not properly addressing problem areas, but then again, what area of our team isn't a problem ?

    Not a single one of our players who are capable of playing as a striker, can finish good consistently, to be a starter IMO and Greenwood is only young yet.

    There's a lot of players in our team who I think, need to leave and if Martial doesn't want to be here either, then fine, because I think you were quite right about him being lazy too, but even someone like Luke Shaw who can't stay fit, needs to go, despite the fact that I think other areas are higher on the priority list, but given our transfers in recent years, we'll probably sort that area out and leave the main problem ones the same or just lose depth for nothing, just like we did, going into this season.

    Source(s): Man Utd fan.
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