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What does ''The Ring'' mean in ''The Ring''?

I never understood why ''The Ring'' has the title ''The Ring'', is the title supposed to symbolize something?, because I am a little confused.


Thank you for explaining that but I am talking about ''The Ring'', not ''Lord of The Ring''.

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    From IMDB:

    "Although the meaning of the title "The Ring" is ambiguous, Kôji Suzuki, the author of the original novel, always intended it to mean the cyclical nature of the plot, rather than the phone ringing."

    I'd always associated it with the point of view visual Samara would have potentially had looking up from the bottom of the well if it were covered.

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      Thank you :), that is very interesting.

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  • It refers to jewellery. Wagner's Ring is a cycle of operas based on the theft of the Rhine gold which the thief has fashioned into a ring. Tolkeyn's series of books made into the Lord of the Ring films has a number of unlikely creatures trying to destroy a gold ring which has evil powers.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I think it's intended to describe an illegal video distribution "ring"

    i.e. a ring of people who distribute videos illegally.

    It might also refer to a ring-like shape on the video

    which ends up being the mouth of a well where the supernatural curse originated.

    • Savannah
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      Thanks :)

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