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how to advocate for oppressed women as a social worker?


How would a social worker advocate for oppressed women of color?

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Unless you're working for a private agency with the stated mission of advocating for women you're not SUPPOSED to speak for one group over another. You're a public servant and your job is to advocate for victims, be they men, women, children, the elderly, etc. If you're myopically interested in just oppressed women don't go into the public sector and instead find a job where that'll be your sole client base. In a shelter for battered women perhaps.

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  • 1 month ago

    "how to advocate for oppressed women as a social worker?"

    Any oppressed person needs to take their oppressor to court in the legal system to free themselves of the shackles of oppression.  Every adult here in the first world is a fully emancipated, legally autonomous individual that is born free of oppression and need not do anything that they dislike at the whims of anybody, according to our legal system.

    Social work has nothing to do with oppression.  Of course, you are probably speaking of the feminist conceptualized term of "female oppression" which is not oppression at all. The first thing that any social worker should do is learn to differentiate between the real world, and faulty feminist assertions which have become ingrained in the field of social work, thus relegating it to strange ideological theories and absurdly sexist ideas.


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