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What is the greatest pressure that gravity can exert?

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  • Tom S
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    8 months ago
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    Gravity and pressure are each different kinds of forces.  Gravity does not exert pressure anymore than pressure exerts gravity.  Pressure can come about as a product of gravity and objects with mass being "pressed" against each other.  If you are asking how strong can gravity be, I am not sure if there is an upper limit, other than the gravity exerted by all the mass in the universe as a whole.  The gravity inside supermassive black holes is certainly about as high as one will find in reality.

  • Zirp
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    8 months ago

    enough to compress protons and electrons into neutrons

    Source(s): neutronstars
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    pressure is force per area. So if the area is small, the pressure is high.

    The highest pressure, due to gravity or whatever, is determined only by strength of materials. 

    Visualize a 10000 kg mass supported above a needle point. The point could have an area of 1 mm² (which is 1e-6 m²) (or much less), so the pressure is 10000•9.8/1e-6.

    rounding that is 1e11 N/m² or 1e11 Pa or 100 GPa

    now bump that mass up by a factor of 100, and you get 10000 GPa

    Can a material handle that? perhaps diamond point onto a large diamond plate? dunno, but that is not the question.

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    8 months ago

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