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Whats her intentions ?

So about a couple months ago. I noticed the new girl was going through a rough time adjusting at work. And with our job we cant just quit. With that i took more time to answer questions and just being a good person. A couple weeks after i asked if she wanted to go to the fair with me and she agreed. Overall we had a good time. A little after that we started blowing each others phone up. Added to that shes come over to my place to cook for me sometimes. It’s common for us to fall asleep on each other’s laps. She feeds me food when driving, we’ve kissed once but after that she told me she didn’t mean to lead me on. But we still are really close. Shes told me so much about herself I honestly know her more than anyone else I’ve ever met. I feel she likes me i can tell when she catches herself and not show it. I’ve tried to move on but we both care about each other so its hard to leave her out my life. What also throws me off is her resting her head on my shoulder ,running her fingers through my hair and the hugs. Also shes not looking for a relationship and she knows i like her.

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    From what you've said, it seems that she likes you also. Perhaps it will grow into a relationship. She doesn't want to rush things along.

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    She likes a fan club. She does mean to lead you on but she wants you to pretend that's a normal interaction. And it is for high school kids. It's not okay in a professional environment. And getting romantically attached to the "new girl" is not a wise choice for you to make either. You don't have to leave her out of your life but it'd be a good idea to quit calling her and pursuing her since she's told you "no".

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