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I don’t get open relationships...why not just stay single?

Why not just stay single if you want to sleep with other people and keep your options open? What is the point if you don’t have 100% faithful intimacy? I don’t get it

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  • steve
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    8 months ago

    When I was with my first real girlfriend she was a virgin and I wasn't very experienced.

    Anyway we had a sexual relationship but only met Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday I would go out with my friends and she would with hers.

    She told me we were young and chances were we weren't going to get married so if I met a girl on the weekend she would have no problem if I slept with them as long as it was a one night stand with no one she knew. I told her to do the same.

    We split when she moved away but years later we met up and she asked me if I ever did. My answer was hell yes and I broke the rules as it was the same girl every weekend. Her reply was I knew about her but wasn't she just a F=ck buddy and you never got together apart from the weekend shags? I said yes she married one of my friends.

    I asked her did you do the same when we were together and she said no. I believe her.

    If you are young and just starting sexual relationships it is highly unlikely the person you lose your virginity to ends up being your life long partner.

    That is not an open relationship it is just human nature that young people discovering sex will experiment and try different people until they find something good for them. Me and that first girlfriend never got back together and are both now married to other people but remain friends.

  • 8 months ago

    Maybe sleeping with other people is just about the extra, sexual variety. But the relationship is about love. Everyone is different and not everyone conforms to societal standards. Sex isn't love

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I'm in an open relationship and I can understand your confusion. I don't want to stay single because I want someone to love, and want someone to love me, while also having the option of occasional sex with other people. To have an open relationship, you need a LOT of honesty, trust, and communication. You also have to be able to differentiate between sex and love and recognize that these are 2 different things, and you can have one without the other. My partner recognizes that when I have sex with someone else, its just sex. Pure lust. No love involved. He recognizes that the feelings I have for him and the sex I have with him is special, where as my sex with other people is almost meaningless. I dont give or have love for anyone else. I dont miss anyone else, or want to cuddle anyone else, i dont want to bring anyone else home to my parents or go on dates with anyone else. I have no romantic desire for anyone else besides my partner. Does this make it a little more understandable?

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