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 Can't find a treatment for my depression?

Hello im a 25 year old guy and to ger right to it i have tried medication for 9 and a half years for depresseion. Nothing really seems to work, i had to drop out of school, i can't keep a job and i have lost all intrests and hobbies. Just yesterday i underwent my 10:th and final ECT treatment. My doctor decided to not continue that treatment as there have clearly not been any improvements. ECT was the only glimpse of light in my life that i was looking forward to and now that it's gone if feel like im in a place that i can't even begin to describe. Things are looking bad and now i certainly understand why some people choose to take their lives. What can i do? Continue to try to find medication that work? It seems like a futile exercise since i've tried a bunch over the years. Thank you in advance.

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    well, sir, with  your kind permission- you're young enough  to be my son- to begin with.

     let's say: which in itself is about enough  for your words here  to shake and thrill  my heart and soul.

     I understand you're not just depressed , but also traumatized and frustrated , by repeated treatment failures or so.

     and even though  that's the way it is.

     I ask you, I urge you,I call  upon your wounded soul and I  bless  you in:  please, NEVER  give up... NEVER   break down...

     there has to be some medical or psychological way out

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    Rape and kill a dozen people or more then turn yourself in.

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    If you are not currently taking any medication try St John's Wort, the tincture is best I think, and/or supplements that treat depression. If you are taking medication, consult your doctor first.

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    Dear one, This is just a guess since treatment does not seem to be working. I suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life. Medication did not work it was due to the fact that my mother was a narcissist and had joined a cult which she raised me in to only have me abused by its members. Everyone in my life was backstabbing me.

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    I know someone who had over 30 ects, not sure if it worked. Each day try and get outdoors eg a walk in the park. do u have a dog? u need to walk them and they get you out of the house.JUst keep trying different medications and other treatments

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    How’s your exercise??!?  We aren’t designed to be in front of screens all day. 

    I’ve never met a marathon runner with depression!

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    You aren't alone.Everyone hears a voice, or several voices, in their head all the time.

    There is a thought makes us think that we deserve to be cut off from the beauty of reality.That is the shortest and perhaps the only road to having fun with your mind.

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    First of all I'm very sorry for what you going through, depression can be very difficult and since I've experienced too I know that it can be very challenging to treat it.

    However in your description I didn't read any single thing about what do you do to treat your depression besides medications?

    Antidepressants are not meant to cure depression, they are medications that estabilize you enough for you to work on your mental patterns and other aspects of your life in order to make you better.

    If you think that a single combination of antidepressants is going to change your life forever and cure your depression as if you had a cold, you are mistaken.

    What works for depression is talk therapy (CBT or schema therapy seems to work better to treat depression), practising mindfullness, some physical activity, eating healthy, sleeping consistently, and finding meaning through some activity that can be volunteering or getting a pet.

    Medications alone won't help. Get a therapist and start working on it.

    Source(s): I'm a RD
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    depression is a state of mind get out let things get you down .Dont let people play with your mind here in australia people try to ruin minds to keep people sick .no there giving people blood disorders

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Ketamine, administered via a nasal spray or intravenously, is being described as an exciting and dramatic new treatment for severe depression. The medication is given twice a week for 3 weeks and even a single dose of ketamine can have a rapid antidepressant effect in some people with treatment resistant depression, who have been taken off other treatments. It's something that I'm considering if my depression becomes severe again. I've been given ECT against my will before to save my life and it's not something I would like to repeat if at all possible.

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