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Sleep and dreams?

the past week I have been getting maybe 3 hours of sleep a night bc my dreams are really vivid and scaring me cause its the same dream every time I sleep but I haven't had this dream in a long time maybe like a Year or some months but its like a reoccurring dream and in it I'm always in this place I don't know what or where it is and there's snakes and I'm scared because they are on me but im watching myself and can walk away when ever I want but when I do, i go back to this Buikding that is so familiar and there's just something about it that scares me. it's always night and those ugly orange lights are on and it's very dim and the people are there and I can see them and I feel i know them i just cant make out their face when I concentrate and it's just wild cause I've had this dream For years on and off but I don't know why and it's hard to sleep now more than ever because I've never dreamt it so many times in a row and at this point its everytime I even try to nap I'm scared and feel like it means something more even though I know that's crazy I'm just scared all the time and overthinking and I'm so tired but I can't get to sleep and I keep having to lie about the amount of sleep I'm getting because I know it's not enough but I don't want anyone to worry how do I sleep without being scared

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    Someone transferred your question over from the Health Category. If things are this difficult for you, why don't you go for help to a doctor?  You're not getting any better, are you?  And this has gone on for a long time, so my advise to you is to see a doctor, or even a therapist to talk through all of these happenings.  Keeping all of this stuff locked up inside is not good for you. Do yourself a favor and seek help.

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