What does "policy areas" mean in this sentence ?

In most policy areas Roosevelt preferred not to involve himself personally. American-Soviet relations, for example, were exceedingly cold on account of Nazi-Soviet ties and the Russian war on Finland.

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  • jehen
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    8 months ago
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    Policy area refers to Executive branch work through the cabinet - Foreign relations, defense, economy, education, - the stuff a presidential administration does. Be that as it may this sentnece makes little sense. It first asserts FDR would not be personally involved (Presuming to leave things to his cabinet and staff) and that is just not true. But then as an 'example' it explains soviet American relations were cold due to Russian-Nazi pact and aggression in Finland, which is a genuine correct assertion, but obviously not due to any disinterest by FDR. So it makes an arguably false assertion, then 'supports' that assertion with a statement that actually undermines it.

  • RP
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    8 months ago

    In this context, policy areas refers to policies.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Matters that politicians have strategies about.

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