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Is it normal to dislike your mum for marrying a selfish bullying dad?

so your mum chose to be with this person because she has low self esteem and probably thought no other man would want to be with her.

He is an angry person, bullies her, upsets her on purpose, he is selfish and doesn't care about anyone else's feelings.

So you witness your dads childish angry behaviour and causing arguments in the family household your whole life.

Now you are a grown adult and you mum is still with this person,

is it normal to dislike her for being such a pushover with low self esteem?

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    Honestly, it's perfectly normal to have feelings for someone, negative or positive, that's a basic part of human life, however, you need to treat everyone with kindness. If you have a problem with your mother, talk to her about the situation in a civil way (emphasis on civil), be polite and talk about your honest feelings, don't try and argue with your Dad either. Talk to your Dad in a civil manner and say what you think about his actions. I understand he might not care about your feelings (In that case he might be a sociopath or something) but he'll still understand that he's going a bit too far. With that said, trying to get those real feelings away from you is self-destructive, but that doesn't mean it could justify disrespect towards people. Good luck with your talk, I hope you have a happy family.

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