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Fraud/ Theft of Inheritance: What Are Legal Punishments?

Okay so I am suspicious that my grandparents’ wills were changed due to undo influence or fraud. (Why I suspect this has nothing to do with the question) 

Let’s say a family member of mine had caused undo influence (persuaded or tricked my grandparents to change their wills) or committed fraud by forging the signatures on the docutments. They are being sued and found guilty. However, the “inheritance” they stole was monetary and they spent all or most of the money, and can’t pay it back. 

What legal punishments would they face? How would the money be replaced and given to the rightful heirs?? 


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    Forgery would be one thing. If your grandparents were of sound mind and changed their wills, then too bad.

    If they don't have the money, then there is no way to replace the money, and the lawsuit does nothing in the end.

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  • There are two aspects: civil action and criminal prosecution. If they are successfully sued, the court would order them to pay the money back together with costs. However, if the money isn't there. there's little you can do to recover it. They could be bankrupted, but that wouldn't recover the money.

    If there was sufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution, they could face jail - but that still wouldn't recover any money.

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