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How do I lose 35 pounds with no exercise?

Is it possible lose 35 pounds with no exercise? How do I do it? If the average human can lose 2 pounds a week, that's 18 weeks, which is about 4-5 months. Do I have to eat only chicken and vegetables for 4.5 months!!?!?!?

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    Donate your nervous system to science. It weighs a fair bit, and you won't be able to feel it being removed, due to the lack of nerves.

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    The fastest way to lose weight is fasting. Just eat every other day. Eat normal one day, then nothing the next. As long as you don’t go nuts on your eating days you’ll lose weight. 

    Source(s): Did it for lent one year.
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    You don't wanna do that it's not sustainable. Yeah weight loss is 75 percent diet but you're cutting out that other 25 percent which is exercise. You could walk for thirty minutes a day and lose weight as long as your diet is good you'll lose a lot of weight over time. Cardio doesn't have to suck it doesn't have to always be high intensity and extremely uncomfortable. You can do no jump cardio and low impact. Also only eating chicken and vegetables for months? that's not sustainable either you're gonna end up gaining back any weight that you lost. That's the thing with yo-yo dieting. People don't seem to understand that there will NEVER be a time where you can eat healthy for months at time and then go back to the way you were and expect to keep those results. It's not realistic. Making healthy versions of your favorite food will help you a lot because then you won't feel trapped in your diet you won't feel like you need to end up going to get fast food and cheat on your diet. There's also nothing wrong with a cheat meal once a twice a week it will help you keep your sanity and also at the same time if you wanna go a month or two without eating junk food that's fine but try to build yourself up to it. Cut back on it and slowly eliminate from your diet. Then add it back in your diet once or twice a week so you don't go crazy and overdo it.

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    The most effective way to lose a lot of weight relatively fast without starving your body of calories (which only makes it go into shut-down) is with the Atkins diet.

    Lots of protein (chicken, fish, beef, pork) and lots of dark green vegetables. Have butter, have cream - DON'T go 'low fat', as your body will only fight back.

    Drink  lots of water and plain tea and coffee, obviously NO sugar. No fruit either, which often surprises people.

    Nobody would want to do this for months and months, but in your position this would work impressively.

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  • 8 months ago

    Write how much you currently weigh.  It's easier for someone 200 pounds to lose 35 pounds then it is for someone 100 pounds to lose 35 pounds.  I could tell the 200 pound person to focus on limiting portions to lose weight.  The 100 pound person is already pretty small so it might not work.

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    8 months ago

    well, it sounds to me you should get the professional help/ advise  of a nutritionist in real life, in your area, someone skilled in treating people of your age

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    Yes eat low carb. It's better for a person to eat this way, anyhow. Whether they need to lose weight or not

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    Diet and exercise work MUCH better together than either of them alone.  You could probably lose 35 pounds just by dieting but you'd really have to starve yourself.  And as soon as you went off the diet you'd come right back to the same weight.

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    Eat healthy. Take care of yourself. Know that God created you to be a gift to the world. Believe it. Treat yourself as such.

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    You can eat pretty much everything you eat now, just less of it.  Much less of it.  It's best to eat nutritional food but you can still eat things you like.  Exercise can help but it is mostly about what you eat.  However it's best to make those transitions gradually instead of making drastic changes all at once.

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