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What's This Movie?

I'm Looking For The Name Of This Movie I Once Watched Long Time Ago. Please Help!

It's About A Woman Working From Home As A Customer Service Over The Phone, Where She Helps Those Who Has A Problem With A Item They Brought From Different Stores. She Ends Up Having A Great Conversation With A Man On The Other Line. They Talked All Night While She Kinda Kept Skipping Other People's Calls, And Once She Let Him Hear How She Works (like a 3 way call). He Was Quiet Until Close To The End Of Helping A Customer He Started Talking As If He Was A Manger Saying "we can refund your money back", Or "we can replace your item for you for free" Or Something Like That And That Would've Got Her In Trouble Because Only Her - Herself Had To Be Talking Alone To The Customers. Then FINALLY At The End Of The Movie They Started To Get Deeper Into Each Other That They Wanted To Meet In Person. What They Didn't Know Was That He Was Just Living Around The Street From Her Place Because There Was A Police Or Ambulance Or Fire Truck Siren Going Off Outside The Window And They Could Hear It On Each Other's Phone. She Thought He Was From NYC Or Some Other State Where He Was Because That's What The Info Said About Him When He Called The 1st Time. 

Then They Finally Met. After Talking All Night. WHAT'S THIS MOVIE CALLED???????


Does Anyone Know Besides Stating My Typing?? People Are Different And Why Judge How They Type, Stop Being Judgmental And Answer My Movie Question. That's What You're Here For Right!

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    Your caps key is broken.

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