Should I still learn to drive?

I really don't want to but got my permit because I need to drive. I tried doing it but really hate it. I'm told I do a great job but I don't know how I'm doing it. And I'm not understanding what I do wrong. I tried going to driving school but after the instructor tried to teach me how to control the wheel, I think I still may have struggled while driving [I assume] because I didn't get a chance to see how at first; she even forced me to let her control the wheel for the rest of the ride. Even trying in my mom's van after the sedan from driving school, I still didn't like it, especially the memory of turning the wheel of how the professional taught me. I'm thinking about dropping out for good but I feel embarrassed always having my parents drive me places and those half my age getting their license today. For the latter, I feel like such a failure. Why does everyone say driving is extremely simple but I found it ridiculous torture? How do those in their mid-teens handle something that you can't see around it, hard to move, and something that has way too many adjustments/controls. (my mom says that the latter isn't bad but I can't handle it) Should I continue?


I should continue even if I've been making the same mistakes that I should've stopped a long time ago and I never understand what I'm doing wrong? And I'm not getting the hang of it nor assimilating the info.

Update 2:

Are you saying there's no excuse? Because I'm not picking it up whenever I try. After seeing a video of how to do the hand-over-hand, I can't do it gracefully.

Update 3:

I mean, after doing many times, I'm not getting any better! I swear!

Update 4:

I'm not observant; I miss a lot of things.

Update 5:

I'm surprised everyone is saying yes altho I KNOW I really can't do it.

Update 6:

How/why exactly is it simple?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Your best bet is to find a big empty parking lot and practice maneuvering until you feel more comfortable with the car itself.

    I taught my daughter on a manual transmission when she was 10 in the high school parking lot (where they used to teach driver's ed, so it still had some of the lines painted).  My dad taught me on a manual when I was 8 on an dirt road.

  • Scott
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    8 months ago

    Driving is not that complicated. You're putting way too much thought into it.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I got my license in a manual shift at 15 on the first try. I'm 73 now, never had any kind of ticket or chargeable accident. You need to try harder. You will have a miserable life always having to beg rides.

  • Rick B
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    8 months ago

    I don't understand how this can be that difficult.  Don't you spend hours a week in a car???  Do you not pay attention to the driver? You turn the wheel to the right if you want the car to go to the right.  You turn the wheel to the left if you want the car to go left.

    I can't imagine how you would live your life without driving.  How will you get to work?  School?  Visit friends?  etc?

    You and your mom need to take her car to a large empty parking lot on the weekend (like your high school or a closed business) and practice where there is nothing to run into.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    It's just like that for some people. I picked up driving super easy as I've grown up always being into cars and excited for when I start driving. I found it simple (I drive automatic) and easy to learn but one of my bestfriend has had her learners permit for over a year now and is still struggling to drive on main roads. You never mentioned how long you have been driving for, if you have just begun1 the I think you shout keep driving as it's a skill which is very useful and in a few years you'll regret not being able to drive. better now than late, right? 

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