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Why do I get a sore after going to bathroom? (Poo) ?

It’s like where my tailbone is. I didn’t go to the bathroom for a few days because I was a bit constipated. But I went today and it was quite a lot(sorry) and like an hour later I felt pain down there by my tailbone. It kind of happens quite a bit when I go poop. Sometimes when I wipe there will be slight, like the tiniest spot of blood. I make sure I clean down there obviously. But it’s always after I go to the bathroom(just when I poop) I seem to always get a sore there. 

There’s one thing I feel is the cause but I’m not sure. I have like an obsession with making sure I wipe it all away. To the point where my buttcrack where be sore. Almost like I’m giving myself diaper rash from wiping too much to make sure I am clean. Also when I’m in the shower I tend to wipe down there a lot. 

There was one time I heard about someone getting septic or whatever from having a sore down there and it got infected and they had to get it drained or whatever. So ever since I heard that I feel I started wiping even more good than I used to. 

But I feel it’s gotten to the point where I literally make my butt hurt from wiping too much. Even when there’s no more on the toilet paper, I still continue wiping to make sure. I will wipe any way too(not going to my V but you know what I mean, I think) 

Anyways, what are the sores? It hurts if I sit and then get up, it hurts the worst. They last like a few days and then go away

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  • sian
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    8 months ago

    I fear the other answer here is right. Haemorrhoids (piles). But it isn't a major problem. Everyone gets them sooner or later.

    It's important that you wipe your u.o. after peeing carefully and properly. It Is NOT so important you wipe your anus - obviously it should be clean but NOT to make it sore.

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