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Finding a Business EIN number ?

I’m trying to file my taxes & they are asking for the Daycare’s EIN number. The daycare is no longer in business and they are unreachable. I have already contacted IRS and they won’t give me it since I am not the business owner. Any ideas on how to get the companies EIN? 

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    As you've tried to obtain that number and it's impossible to find, I would put the name and amount on your tax returns and where it says EIN write Unavailable.

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    8 months ago

    You have to have a statement from the daycare. They are required to put their EIN on the statement. There is no database for you to search. Search your county database for a business certificate (dba) and see if there is a person's name listed and try to get in touch with that person. You should know the name(s) of the people you left your child with.

  • 8 months ago

    If they gave you a W-2, then the EIN would be on the W-2.

    If they have not given you a W-2, then you can't file before February 15. At February 15, contact the IRS again, but don't ask for the EIN. Just report that you didn't get the W-2. They'll send you a substitute form that lets you file without knowing the EIN -- but only if you contact them after February 15. If you contact them only before February 15, then they won't.

  • 8 months ago

    I don't think any government agency will give you that number. Do you know any other parents that might have it. Maybe someone who has used them in previous years?

    You can file without the EIN by attaching a statement that they did not provide it to you and that they are unreachable. I believe you will have to file by mail, though.

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