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How is it possible for a potential ocean of water underneath the surface of Pluto? Radioactivity?

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    It's a bit like asking whether under the surface of Earth is there an ocean of molten rock? Well yes there is. It is called the mantle. Thick, hot rock, capable of creeping slowly in a circulation patter. A sort-of ocean.

    Similarly there might be creeping ice like in a glacier, or perhaps some mineral saturated slush under the surface of Pluto. Is that so unexpected?

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    We have ONE natural nuclear-fission reactor here on earth, where the concentration of uranium is just right to keep the chainreaction going.

    Theoretically there could be one on Pluto

    energy from tidal forces is more likely

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    Pluto was checked out by New Horizons

    Thought to have a Rocky Centre

     With a crust of Solid Nitrogen

    This surface is broken up by areas of solid icebergs

    So in between the core and the surface there must be Liquid water of some kind

    Pluto's Core is Radioactive by the way

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    Under the surface,,zero chance. On the surface, frozen perhaps.

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    There are water ice volcanoes on Pluto, most likely caused by tidal stretching with Charon. Pluto is the 9th planet and not a renegade from the Kuiper Belt. 

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    possible but unlikely. It would be frozen.

    Radioactivity? of what? is that a question?

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