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Is it worse being nearsighted or farsighted? ?

I’m already nearsighted, but I think I would rather be farsighted. 😕

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    Lets talk about someone with a prescription of +3.00 (far sighted) and -3.00 (nearsighted)

    Age 8:

    -3.00 is frustrated that he can't see the board. The school does a screening and he gets glasses.

    +3.00 does not know why he is always frustrated reading. The print stays clear for a while but it is just hard to concentrate. He easily passes a school screening.

    Age 16:

    -3.00 gets contacts. It's a little bit hard learning to insert and remove them but he catches on pretty quickly.

    +3.00 finally has an eye exam. He is prescribed glasses. The only problem is that he doesn't see any better at distance with them. His optometrist tells them that he can read more comfortably with them. He replies that he does not read.

    Age 25

    -3.00 could get LASIK if he wanted.

    +3.00 has very limited refractive surgery options. He really doesn't have the money to do it anyway since he doesn't have a great job. Not reading very well has taken a toll. He has started keeping over the counter reading glasses anywhere he might need to read.

    Age 50

    -3.00 Wears progressive lenses in his glasses. Before he goes to sleep, he reads for a while without glasses.

    +3.00 can't see any distance clearly without glasses. Nears is worse than distance but it is all blurry.

    Personally, I'm glad that I was myopic until I had LASIK.

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    • David E
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      I had LASIK over 21 years ago. I'm glad that I had it. I now wear glasses when I drive at night or when I watch sports live or on TV. I'm at an age where I would be expected to need reading glasses even after having LASIK. For some unknown reason, I do not.

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  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    It is worse being nearsighted. I wear contacts sometimes but do sometimes need over the counter reading glasses for small stuff up close. My glasses are progressive bifocals that I can see the best with which is what I mostly wear.

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  • Bernd
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    3 weeks ago

    It has also been said that prisons have more than their share of farsighted inmates because they did not do well in school and drifted to the darker side.  

    All children should have full eye exams before starting school.  

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