Does the Thrive Market still charges after purchasing and than canceling memebership?

I only want to do a one time purchased, i can't just make an account I have to join a monthly paid memebership (which i don't want to) if i join a memeber ship and purchase and than cancel my memebership will i still be charged?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    I'm not familiar with that outfit.  But many places will let you do that.  In fact there are lots of places that will give you a free trial membership only because most people forget to cancel it in time and then have to pay something.

    Look at their rules about cancellation.  Sometimes you pay for a fixed period, a month, a year, and if you cancel you pay a penalty or don't get refunded at all.

    If they don't say anything in their literature or website, you'd have to call them.  But it's part of the terms of membership, so it should be right out in the open.

    I'm sure you'd still be charged -something- for the membership, you just want to know the minimum.

    Also, some membership outfits will allow you to make a one-time purchase without membership.  Costco does this, or used to.  You go to the customer service desk and they will give you a one-time-only membership.

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