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how can i get fit in 4 months?

my prom is coming up in a few months as well as summer. i’m pretty healthy when it comes to my eating habits and exercise, but i’ve started to plateau. i’m not really losing that last bit of fat that i need to before i start to see muscle. i run around 20 miles a week and do a bit of strength training. but i need some suggestions as to what i should be doing for that last push. 

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    Maybe all you need is to take a close look at where all your calories are coming from, and cut back on the amount of very high calorie foods.   Otherwise, intermittent fasting - such as skipping  dinner a few times per week and substituting  a healthy snack instead can make a very huge difference without much effort.  There's also evidence that this type of fasting provides some degree of protection against diabetes and metabolic problems that contribute to heart disease. 

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