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Andrew Yang has a very good chance to win the 2020 Iowa Caucus Democratic election after what is happening in the ground in Iowa. Opinions?

I'm noticing the following in Iowa and I believe Yang can come in 1 or 2nd place in Iowa:

Andrew Yang yard signs are competing with Bernie, Pete and Warren yard signs.

Obama's past employee mentioned there is more energy with Yang's volunteer than Obama's 2008 volunteers in Iowa 

Over 800 volunteers flew to Iowa during Yang Week to knock on doors which is more than Jimmy Carter peanut crew.

Yang brang in about 700 people to an Iowa even and 200 of them commited to caucus which is more than 25% of commits

Yang is doing a 17 bus tour working on 5 town halls in 1 day with 4 town halls on most days.

Yang's events were small in Iowa in small coffee shop but recently he's been packing auditoriums.

Bernie, Warren and Klobuchar will stuck in the Washington DC as a result of the impeachment trial during the final weeks of the caucus.

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  • 8 months ago

    Yang gives a very good account of himself.  He's clever, well-spoken, has a good sense of humor.  He's 'above the fray' in the fight between Biden, Sanders, Warren, etc. 

    I'm a little wobbly on  his guaranteed minimum income idea, but I haven't read about it.  At least I know it's not just some empty promise, like the dozens of promises Trump made during  his campaign and forgot about ten minutes later.  It might be a good idea, I don't know. 

    Republicans are scared to death of anyone who seems to 'know too much'.  Anyone who might know enough to know what he's doing is scary to them.  But Dems are not afraid of intelligence and competence.  I think that's a good thing!  That's why Yang is doing so well.  Besides, Trump was never really a successful businessman, he only played one on TV.  Yang IS a successful businessman.

  • 8 months ago

    He's the most competent out of the Democratic candidates. Won't be shocking if he wins.

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