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Does drinking salt water (not ocean) hurt you?

I mean if you put water and table salt together. I heard it helps you lose fat, constipation, and stomach acid problems. I also heard that it might hurt your kidney. If it's okay then how much salt do I need for it to work and does matter how fast I drink it? 

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    It is bad for you. It draws water out of your body, so any weight lost is water. It does hurt your kidneys as well. People who are lost at sea and drink sea water will die within a week as theri kidneys shut down and the organs lose water. 

    To lose weight, eat less and exercise more. For constipation, drink lots of water.  

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    8 months ago

    The safe range of dietary sodium is 500mg to 2300mg per day.  If you eat only fresh meats, eggs, vegetables, whole grains, fruits and dairy you will probably be around 1000mg. Including caned foods, processed foods or baked goods will increase it substantially.  There is no need to add salt

    Ingesting too much sodium, especially over long periods of time, can lead to a chronic increase in blood pressure as your body continually battles to maintain water balance. In addition, long-term overconsumption of sodium can damage the walls of your blood vessels and predispose you to developing high blood pressure, or hypertension

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    I prefer himalayan salt (without additives what table salt have). It does not hurt your kidneys - it is healthy. well, you will see if the salt will not desolve anymore.

    I just read Tavy's bullsssshit. the blood pressure is a common lie of holocaust medical industry. If you detox your body from environmental toxins, your blood pressure would fall. God, let rain some brain!

    Folks - we came from the ocean - our body needs salt to function. Would you put a coca cola bottle in an aquarium?

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    8 months ago

    You heard a load of rubbish. Too much salt will give you high blood pressure and affect your kidneys.

    That is downright dangerous.

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  • 8 months ago

    It will throw off your body chemistry.

    There is no health benefit at all to drinking salt water.

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