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I have anxiety and before I go out I always vomit. Will vomiting twice a week have any effects on my health eventhough it is not intentional?

My body naturally makes me vomit. I don't force myself to be sick. 

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  • 8 months ago

    I know this was asked 2 weeks ago but vomiting can dehydrate you. Make sure your drinking plenty of water. Also if your vomiting regularly, make look into drinking a bottle of Gatorade once a week to replace electrolytes. Dont brush your teeth immediately after vomiting because that could damage your teeth. Swish your mouth with water or mouthwash and brush 30 minutes after. Also maybe look into some anti nausea medications. You can buy them over the counter. Make sure you are eating enough and maybe look into anti anxiety meds as well or possibly seeing a therapist to work through your anxiety. If you cant see a therapist, there are plenty of tips online to help with anxiety. Good luck

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