Could I be a foster parent living in an apartment?

I'm single and live in a two-bedroom apartment. I have zero luck with dating. I really want a child but I don't want to have to go through IVF. My mom told me she knows a lady who adopted as a single mom. I was wondering if I could be a foster parent while living in an apartment. 


I don't want a child right now though. This is just a future thought

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  • Kelly
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    1 month ago

    Yes, you can.  I fostered as a single parent, while living in an apartment and started when I was 22 (I'm 44 now). 

    Are you looking to foster or adopt though (or both)?  

    Fostering is intended to be temporary.  The goal in foster care is for reunification with the biological family.  Not all kids in foster care are eligible to be adopted.  Adoption from a foster placement can also take several years.  The parents are given parenting plans to adhere to by the state/court and the court will give them several chances to turn it around.  The court will exhaust all efforts before they terminate parental rights.  Even parents in prison don't automatically lose parental rights.  The state only expedites termination of parental rights if the child is a victim to a parents crime or they will be incarcerated long term.  If a parent is expected to be released from prison while the child is still a minor, most will still be able to keep their parental rights.

    Babies can happen in foster care, but most kids in foster care are 3 years and up.  Most available for adoption in my state (michigan) are ages 9 years old and up. Babies and toddlers, the biological relatives are more likely to step up and take guardianship of them.  Getting a placement of a baby can and does happen though.

    In foster care the biological parents/family also get visitation X amount of times a week for an hour or 2 each time.  The amount of time they get and the number of visits they have is based on the ages of the kids and also the circumstances of why they're in foster care.  You are expected to transport them to these visits, though you do not facilitate or act as a supervisor to them, their case/social worker does.  They also may have scheduled visits with siblings who've been adopted already or might be in a separate foster home, you do that too.

    Kids in foster care also go to therapy every week (sometimes more than once)...  you also take them to this.

    Kids in foster care are still emotionally attached to biological family regardless of why they are in foster care.  Even if they were a victim to one of them.

    If your goal is adoption, you can look for adoption licensing or dual licensing of foster and adoption or foster to adopt.  If you do foster to adopt, they will likely place kids with you who case workers believe you'd be a good match for other and who are eligible (or expected to) for adoption.  After a child is placed with you there's about a 6 month period where before adoption can be final.  Visits from social workers and then there is some after adoption.  If you are home study approved for adoption from foster care, you're not limited to only kids in your states foster care system ... you can adopt from almost any states foster care system.  My co-worker in Michigan, adopted 3 kids from the state of Tennessee's foster care system.

    To show you how many kids move in an out of the foster care system..  I have fostered 33 kids...  I have adopted 2 of them.  Most of my foster kids went home to their biological family because their parents worked hard to change their lives around to get their kids back.  Some became available for adoption who I didn't adopt because at the time for whatever reason it wasn't something which worked for all of us.

    Kids in foster care, most of their parents still actually have parental rights.  They still have a right to go to doctor appointments, they still have a say in vaccinations, haircuts, attending (or not attending) church, whether or not they are home schooled or attend traditional schools and if you want to take your foster kids on vacation out of state you need the parents permission or the case/social worker.

    Adoption isn't near as simple as people think.  I also have biological kids and with them nobody did a home study to make sure my home was fit and safe for kids, nobody did background checks on me, I wasn't fingerprinted, I didn't require a physical from a physician, I didn't require parenting classes, I didn't need to know CPR, they didn't interview my friends, they didn't ask for a review of my finances..  all of which an adoption and foster care do.  However, these are things for adoption and foster care which are necessary.  

    Foster care isn't easy...  but it is rewarding.  I keep in contact with some of my fosters, some of them are adults now.  Some have kids of their own now.  One of the first fosters I had is getting ready to start law school.  2 girls I had who are 15 & 16 now, I had when they were 5 & 6 off and on for 5 years.. their mom would do just enough to get them back and mess up again and they came back to me.  I still kept in contact with them, I would go get them once a month and they're still part of my family just in a different capacity.

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  • sarah
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    1 month ago

    I don't see why not. The apartment will probably be examined to ensure that it's clean and in a safe neighborhood, but as long as you can prove those two things, you should be good to go.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes you can.


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