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Do you think CM Punk will return to wrestling? I think so?

I didn't like how punk walked out and I'm not a massive fanboy or anything, but I would be glad to see him back. Here's a few reasons why I think he will return.

1 is Chris Jericho stated even years ago that one day he believes Punk will come back, sometimes you just need a break. 

2 is his few house show appearances proved what jericho said was right

3 is his return to WWE on fox which yeah technically he isn't signed to WWE but pretty much guarantees he ain't gonna be anywhere else and he has clearly found his passion back for it.

4. His lasting impression he wouldn't want to be a fail UFC run 

5. THE TIMING.. Returns at the rumble to eliminate Lesnar

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    Maybe he will, it may only be if he ever gets inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

  • Hector
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    8 months ago

    Maybe with AEW. Dean Ambrose is gonna bash his skull in after the way he treated Renee Young on Backstage tonight

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  • Candle
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    8 months ago

    Punk's had plenty of lucrative offers elsewhere in the wrestling world that would grant him a less strenuous schedule and carte blanche creatively.  Any wrestling promotion out there would cater to his whims.  WWE has an open door policy for the guy, 5 Star put out feelers in the form of the promise of a 1,000,000 payday for one appearance in a tournament, and AEW's put a price tag out there and a willingness to let Punk take the ball and run with it.  What happened? he turned them all down.  I don't think Punk's gunning for a job anywhere as an in-ring competitor.  He's 41 years old, he's given his best years to wrestling, alienated almost every friend he's made in wrestling, and tried his damnedest to burn every bridge that falls within his line of sight.  He's put his thumb into more than just the UFC pie.  He's written comics, he's starred in indie horrors, and he's even hosted reality television shows.  The guy's doing everything but wrestling at this point.  Financially he doesn't need wrestling.  Spiritually he wants nothing from wrestling.  If there were any indication that he's not coming back, it was him taking a job that's WWE adjacent to professionally slag off the current product for a living.  Before he left all he wanted was the Wrestlemania main event, and WWE wouldn't give it to him.  Now he just doesn't care about working for them or any other wrestling promotion.  There's this ill-conceived mindset in wrestling that you can't leave wrestling, but the fact of the matter is that people do it every day on various levels of the wrestling industry.  It's not an addiction to every person who steps through the ropes, especially if their mentality is 'I'm presented as the best, or I walk'.

    Plain and simple, the pipe bomb pipe dream is dead.  WWE didn't fold to Punk's demands, he didn't go to Ring of Honor, he didn't go to New Japan, and he isn't even concerned about how Colt Cabana is doing anymore.  It's been 6 years without CM Punk stepping into a wrestling ring anywhere.  He's done.

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  • 8 months ago

    Let's see. If he does he makes money, the WWE makes money, so yeah, why.not? Money drives everything. 

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