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What is correct citation method for (,) 1. Josefowitz and Gadon, (1989) state that...... 2. Josefowitz and Gaydon (1989) state that....?

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    It seems English isn't your native language; get an interpreter to help you post a question that actually makes sense.  You posted in the Cycling section where questions are answered about bicycles.  You relied on YA to post the question for you instead of doing it yourself. 

    My best guess here, is you're asking how to obtain some kind of legal documentation.   Use the edit icon to move your question  to the Politics & Government>>Law & Ethics section. 

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder and Builder.
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    I have no idea where this question belongs.  But I seriously doubt it has anything to do with cycling - bicycles.  I recommend you find that "edit" button & relocate it to a more suitable category.   

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