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How do I reply back to this text (PGCE related)?

I'm a PGCE student and my mentor from the first school placement I did texted me about a job opening at the school and he is encouraging me to apply there. I am unsure as to how to reply back as I am not planning on applying. 

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    Dear (insert teacher's name),

    Thank you for your kindness and encouragement in suggesting that I apply for the job opening. At the moment, however, I am unable to apply due to other commitments. I hope this note finds your well.

    Kind Regards,

    (insert your name and date).

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    Good heavens. It's not rocket surgery.

    Dear Professor Smith,Thank you so much for thinking of me in connection with this job. However at the moment I'm looking in other directions.Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.Yours,

    Anne Jones.

  • Nathan
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    A simple, "thank you for letting me know about the opportunity but 'I'm currently not looking for a placement' or 'I don't feel this is a good match for me'

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    Be very polite but hint that you have made plans for your future. You may still need your mentor's character reference next time.

    Take care.

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