What does this dream symbolize?

Last night I had a dream that me and my family were moving into a new house, later in the dream I realized part of the house was unfinished, for example there were no walls in the second floor. I was on the top floor and a cat walked up to me and my mother and wouldn't stop following me. I walked out of my house into the rain and the cat followed me, I noticed there were alot of other cats or kittens around the neighborhood as well. Heres where it gets weird or at least hazy. I dont know if the cat turned into a person or a random person just grabbed my hand and started talking to me. The person looked a few years younger then me (I'm 18 he was about 14) and I remember his name was Steven. He lead me to his house, I dont know why I went with him. Anyways we sat down in his house and started talking, I cant remember about what but I know he told me not to sit in a specific chair in his living room or touch any of the cats in the neighborhood.  When he told me about the cat a kitten strolled in and I went to pet it but Steven stopped me. He told me some cryptic message about death after I tried to touch it. Skip a little bit and a whole bunch of people come in, my aunt, her kids, and my grandma were among these but I didn't know anyone else. Someone literally picked me up and sat me in the seat I wasnt supposed to sit in. They didnt make a big deal of it until I told Steven I needed to go home. He told me the death thing again. Continued

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  • 8 months ago

    u have decided to pursue an idea which is not yet mature. ur mind fore warns u to think deeply to start with

  • 8 months ago

    The dream continued. I got up and left after saying hi to my family members.

    (They live in a different state then me) on my way out I saw a man about to hit a dog with a car but he saved it, so I thought. A minute after that I saw someone in a grim reaper esc cloak picking the animal up. She didn't look up at me but I got scared. I ran to my mom and she warned me and said it was to late, I already saw her. (Meaning the girl in the cloak I'm guessing) I end up back at Stevens and they give me a thing that looks like a menu, but I has things for me to do, some of those things I wasnt supposed to. So i did all the things i was supposed to then accidentally did something i wasn't supposed to, next thing I know "it's too late" I'm being held down and locked in Steven's house. I cant find Steven but I'm pretty sure he was an ally. They try to give a shot that will kill me. (I am very scared of needles) I ask to do it myself and one of the girls got down beside me with the needle about to give it to me. I ask if I could take a pill instead (it would take longer to kill me) and another girl comes out with the pill and throws it on the ground out of my reach. Just as I reach it the other girl stabs me with the shot. I start to feel very heavy, I remembered on the menu there was a mask that would take away the poison I cant find it. Now I can barely move I'm barely holding myself up. My mom and stepdad show up with the mask but they cant get in. In real life I felt heavy as well after a moment of kind of bliss. I close my eyes in my dream and stop breathing. When I wake up (in real life)cant move I'm thinking I'm actually dead and start panicking. Then after a minute I snap myself out of paralysis and start crying and heavy breathing. 

    What does this all mean?

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