How to run new cable through wall to mounted tv?

My TV was professionally mounted to the wall. All the cords and cables are running through the wall and come out of this white square near the floor.

Since mounting the TV I've purchased a gaming system. How do I also run this new cable through the wall? 


1 Answer

  • Carson
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Take off the face plate. You may need to remove the electrical box.

    Open a wire coat hanger, put a piece of tape on each end.

    Where the wires enter the wall from the TV push the taped and of the hanger down until you see it by the box.

    Find a hole or a knock out, a holee thats covered, but pushes out, in the electric switch box.

    Tape your gaming patch cords to the coat hanger and pull or push it up to the TV.

    Like Haynes says "Install parts in reverse procedure."

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