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Is it possible that Neanderthals and Humans are the same species?

And that the Biblical creation account is true? (along with the rest of the Bible)

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    If they were the same species, that would have nothing to so with the Biblical account of creation. As you would still have to include the other near sapient species. 

    I guess by "prove "you are saying that everything was created at one time. In other words no time to evolve into different species  As two seperat hominid species would imply.

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    130,000 to 100,000 years ago, Neanderthals and sapiens were 2 subspecies of the same species when we met in Near-East: we looked different but were still interfertile (like wolves and dogs).

    The trinomial names H.sapiens neanderthalensis and H. sapiens sapiens apply to this period.

    The 2 populations have shared some stone tooling techniques, and we have unearthed some hybrid fossils. Our 2.5 % of Neanderthal DNA came from this period.

    40,000 to 30,000 years ago, we met again in Western Europe. 

    Hybrids are scarce, or sickly or dead at a young age. So, interspecies couples might have existed but have faced major fertility issues: The 2 species had genetically drifted apart so much, we decided to call them separate species and to use binomial species names: H. neanderthalensis and H. sapiens.

    As long as I know about the Bible:

    - The Bible is true (because you can get one in any book store)

    - It records the laws ancient Israelites enacted for themselves

    - It also records their kings, the wars and cities of ancient Israel until Roman occupation.

    - The "science" part in Genesis is all wrong

    - It NEVER mentions Neanderthals.

    By the way, this was expected since the Bible was writen 2500 years ago, plus some earliest Babylonian texts and ancestral oral traditions (the Black Sea Flood - 7500 years ago), but Neanderthals left The Near-East 100,000 years before. Too long for oral tradition.

    The only weird looking human creatures I can remember, are the Nephilim ("Giants" in the KJV). 

    Denisovans were another species of tall humans. modern Melanesians still carry Denisovan DNA.

    But they lived further away in East Asia until 50,000 years ago: 

    A long time ago in a country far far away!

    So, @Lee, what is according to you the issue between Neanderthals and the Bible?

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    No, no, no, and no

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    Yes and not bloody likely, respectively. **** neanderthalensis and H. sapiens interbred, so, if you follow the cockeyed genetic species concept, that would make them the same species. Even if you follow a more logical and useful species concept, it is possible because taxonomy of humans is anything but logical and objective.

    Jumping from that to special creation is not warranted and exhibits the fallacy called arguing from ignorance. Essentially, you are saying, "I can't understand it, so a folk tale with no supporting evidence to support it must be true."

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    No.  First, paleontology and genetic research has proven that neanderthals and humans are two distinct species.  Second, there is a mountain of evidence from numerous scientific fields showing the biblical creation story is false and the scientific explanations are correct.  The story of Noah and his flood is one of the biggest piles of steaming fiction in that book.  Additionally, evidence has shown that the rest of the bible is also false, except for certain things that are actually true regardless of context like geographic names and the names of certain well known people of power.

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    No. The analysis of Neanderthal DNA indicates that they are genetically different from modern humans. There is some evidence that the ancestors of modern humans interbred with Neanderthals and that some Neanderthal genes can be found in the genetic makeup of modern humans.

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    All things are possible except for everyone agreeing on the true origin of humans

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    Yes, that's possible until it's been dis-proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

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