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What’s the best extendable lead to get for a one year old border collie?

He has a stop pull lead and used to have an extendable one till he snapped it. What one is the best to get

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    Animal regulations says a 6 foot leash when out in public. If you let your dog go as far as a extendable lead will let him go, how fast could you get to him if another dog attacked him? Not anywhere close enough. Your dog could be killed in the time it would take you to get to him.

    They are handy for taking a dog out to go potty but it is not a leash you would use when you go on walks or to the dog park. You'd want to keep your dog close to you when around other dogs before you him to interact with any of them.

    I never use them so I have no idea as to which ones are better than others. As a training I use a long lead, like what you'd use to train in recall. I never take my dogs of property so when I do it is the one that is an ESA. Large back yard, plenty of room to RUN.

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    Do yourself a favour and don't waste your money on one of these leads.   They are as good as the wretched pee pads!!   A lead should be around 5 or 6 ft which is quite long enough unless you want to use a lunge line in a controlled area for training.   I positively HATE these extendable leads and cringe when I see people walking their dogs on pavements next to busy roads, with the lead fully extended.   If by chance the dog ran sideways, it would end up half-way across the road, if not more, and under the wheels of a passing car.

    When a dog needs to be on a lead, he needs to be on a standard lead NOT an extendable lead.    And he needs to be trained on a solid recall so where appropriate, he can be let off the lead to have a good run around.

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    none a traditional two meter lead is far far better for any herding breed.

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    No worthwhile dog trainer is going to encourage you to USE ANY extended "RETRACTABLE" lead on a dog, PERIOD!  It allows the dog to PULL YOU, rather than walk by your side and you have virtually NO CONTROL, if the dog decides to dash away from you => out in the street or after another dog, animal, skate boarder, etc.  

    You also cannot SAVE YOUR DOG if it is 20 ft. from you and he "encounters" an UNFRIENDLY; Pit bull, Rottie, pack of feral dogs or coyote on a greenway or in a field.  You cannot get the leash to RETRACT - UNLESS HE COMES BACK TO YOU - ON HIS OWN!  

    Retractable leashes will also BURN your skin (or anyone else standing near you) - if the dog circles around your legs & then runs off & pulls the leash TIGHT.  Great way to also do MAJOR TRACHEA DAMAGE to the dog, if he hits the END of the line - at full gallop and you are using a CHOKE collar.  Retractable leashes - if PULLED out of your grip.... will follow a running dog, often spooking it (causing it to RUN FURTHER) & HITTING or boomeranging off  "anything" they come in contact with - LIKE TREES, benches or rocks.

    Put a normal collar and 6 ft. leather leash on the dog (train it to HEEL in actual obedience classes)  and ONLY use a 20-50 ft. soft cotton WEB lead, when doing AKC or UKC  nose work, tracking or doing recall training.

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    I don't recommend extendable leads for larger dogs. Only smaller breeds

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    NONE! Extendable leads encourage pulling and teach the dog to they give the dog a choice ( and the choice YOU should be making not and never the dog) and that choice is to pull to the end of the lead that extends it enabling a dog to walk/pull to the length of the lead in any direction so they are very very dangerous not only to get wrapped around other people/dogs legs but also to enable your dog to go into the road and get run over and so they give the handler no control at all.

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