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Should I quit my job CONSTANTLY sick?

I just started teaching kindergarten in August. I’ve always been relatively healthy with the everyday cold here and there. 

In June 2019 - August 2019 I took a job as a summer camp counselor. I kept getting sick and decided to track how often I was getting sick. I was sick a total of 16 days. I attributed it to an unclean place. 

In August 2019 I started teaching. August and September went very smoothly no sickness. From October - December I was sick a total of 22 days!! I actually used all of my sick days and had to take time off unpaid. 

Now it’s January. As soon as I was back In the classroom I caught what I thought was just a cold. On Friday it got so bad my face was turning blue. I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where I’m told I have a very bad case of pneumonia, the flu AND bronchitis. 

I’m now going to likely be out of work unpaid this whole week at a minimum. . 

I’ve had so many blood tests, CT Scans, MRI, heart tests you name it. All coming back normal. At this point though with being out so much I feel like I’m doing a disservice to my aide in the classroom and my students. I can’t take this!! It’s COSTING ME a lot of money being out so much since I have no more PTO for the year and everything is unpaid. 

My doctor told me the only way I can stop getting sick is to stop working with children. Should I just quit and find a new profession? I’m feeling really defeated right now. I’m honestly shocked I still have a job. 


Edit: don’t know how this went into singles & dating! Apologies please feel free to answer anyway as I have no idea how to change the category my question goes into thanks!! 

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    The first year teaching, you always catch what is going around the class.

    I was a long term supply teacher, using gallons of sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, to avoid whatever had felled the teacher. I had an immune system like a horse.

    You'll build up immunity. Keep washing your hands and the kids'.

  • 8 months ago

    You should find another job where your exposure to large numbers of people is limited.  For whatever reasons, your immune system isn't as strong as it needs to be.  And you can't keep getting sick, so a new job is necessary.  

    In addition, try to do some research into ways you can increase your immune system's ability to deal with exposure to illness.  You may need to change your eating habits, exercise, etc.

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    8 months ago

     Child care workers are certainly exposed more, but it's obviously not normal to be sick so much.  You can blame an unclean place, but if your co-workers are not calling out sick for 16 days too then it's obviously related to your body's ability to resist. It sounds like you should get another job given your weak immune system.  That said quitting your job without having anything else lined up is more of a personal financial decision since having no income can create other issues.  

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Side effect of working with kids, they are just little germ vectors.

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