dear americans can you help me about your heritage?


Dear Americans, is it true that most of the white americans have got german, irish and then english origins?

Why some americans of english and british origin identify themselves as americans at the census? Why they can't tell their english and british origins, the true americans are the native or it refers to the 13 american colonies so then the wasps?

Who are the wasps exactly?

Why it's done a difference between whites, hispanic and not hispanic? And american with spanish origin are thei white hispanic lotinos or europeans?

How many americans have origins from the 13 colonies?

How many americans have origin from the spanish non-mestizo colonizers? for example like hispanos of N. Mexico, Texas, California

How is decided the american origin map from the various states? For example if the majority of a state has got its own origin (for example german) the colour of the map is according to the majority of the state? I explain my self better: the majority of californians have german origins so is it blue in the map for the german origin=

Question similar to the previous one: an american with more origins decides its origin according to the ethnicity of its ancestors?

please answer all questions 10 point to the best answer

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    most Americans have roots from outside USA except for the Native Americans. But even then the Natives over generations have breeded with other people, so really it's just a big mess of people.

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