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A few nights ago I was at this party, it was kind of dead and long story short, I was upset because the dude who sexually assaulted me was there. This dude was offering Xanax bars so I took it and ever since then my best friend will not talk to me other than argue. I apologized several times and owned up to mistakes. I just didn’t know it was gonna hurt her this much I mean I never do them and I just wanted the pain to diminish for one night. Ever since then she can’t seem to forgive me, neither can she forgive her bf who also took them. I Realize it hurt her but I can’t go back into the past and I also can’t keep apologizing when it’s leading to nowhere. I’m not sure I never expected a situation to happen like this, it was impulsive and dumb ig 

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  • 8 months ago

    when sexually assaulted …get help &.tell it to the one who cares most for you, forgive my mistakes and enter my heart to be my best friend, help me, amen....John 10 the good friend, He will help you

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