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why is everyone a nonce?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago


  • Tepee
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    8 months ago

    You need to find a better way to use that new word you found.

  • steve
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    8 months ago

    Does that include girls?

    I am not a nonce and have never abused anyone regardless of age. However:

    When I was 18 I used to go to a bar as 18 was the legal age to drink alcohol and met with a girl I knew from school and her friend. I knew the girl I knew was over legal age so assumed her friend was also.

    Anyway I got with the other girl but because she got served alcohol every where we went I assumed she was old enough to drink so was at least 18.

    I found out she was only 14 so immediately dropped her.

    Who is in the wrong there? Me for accepting who she seemed to be or her for conning me into having a sexual relationship with her when she was a child being accepted by everyone as an adult.

    In UK there are guys in prison for the same while the girls walk away without any comeback.

    I am not a nonce but I unknowingly had a short sexual relationship with a teenage girl who everyone assumed was legal age.

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