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Why do I feel sick in the morning? ?

Hi I’m a 17 yr old female and I’ve been struggling with sickness a lot recently. I’ve had it for nearly three weeks, I’m not pregnant I’ve done 5 tests at different days and they all came back negative, I went to the dr and she thought it was a virus but I’ve been keeping a record of it this week, and it is effecting me only in the morning when I have to wake up early even when I have ample sleep. On college days I always feel sick in the morning and then it goes a few hours later, on days I don’t have college I don’t feel sick and if I do it’s hardly noticeable which doesn’t sound like a virus. My therapist doesn’t think it’s anxiety at all. Any suggestions? It’s really nasty to deal with all the time.

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  • 9 months ago

    You are probably the only one that can figure this out.  Try waking up early on a day you don't have college and see what happens.  Repeat this a few times.   The result will show whether its college or the hour you wake that is likely causing the problem.   This just provides a starting point for the docs to look for answers. 

  • Tavy
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    9 months ago

    Sounds more like reflux. Acid rising on an empty stomach.

    Eat a bowl of cereal and milk at bedtime. It gives your tum something to work on. Avoid juice at breakfast if you eat it.

  • Carson
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    9 months ago

    Is your therapist paying attention? Everything points to stress or anxiety from college.

  • 9 months ago

    Sounds like stressing about college

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