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Do you think politicians and Sports players should be paid minimum wage?

Why is there poverty in The United States of America when players in sports are being paid around 3 - 5 million dollars.  The 2009 Commissioner's Trophy for the New York Yankees cost 316 million dollars.  Think about that and let's look at all the profit politicians walk out of office with compared to the common person.

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    With Sports players, that is the free market at work. People will gladly pay insane prices for tickets to sports events, and overprices team clothing and such. But the same people B*tch about how much their mechanic charges them. 

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    Pro sports should be eliminated.

    We can have club sports, that's it!

    Politicians make their money through corruption.

    How do you think the Clintons and Obamas got so rich?

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    I think there should be a range of reasonable wages from minimum basic income, enough to survive, without massive struggle, and then more if you have a kid, then more if you work part time at anything, then more if you had to study for it, and then more if it's a short term thing like sports or entertainment or jobs that come and go like tradesmen. Once you have ten million, I'd say you don't even need any more money and the interest you earn should be taxed to the point that you can have a nice home and a nice lifestyle but not make more than a full time worker just by doing nothing and having money. That's basically a scam. People sell drugs, then use the money to just bring them in money through real estate or something. Not that hard to do, and not really fair to the workers. 

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